Basic Plumbing Guide

Here at J Miller Electric, we believe that a plumber should be more than just a technician who completes a job and gets out.  That is why our team of pros also serves as your basic plumbing guide.  Often, other plumbing and electric companies want to leave their customers in the dark about the real issues, and the whole range of solutions that could be used to tackle your home project.  But we understand that every customer relationship we make is a great reflection on our professionalism and role in the community; therefore, our office staff is always friendly and helpful when you call.

If you have a plumbing problem that needs to be fixed or you are looking for a new device such as a hot water heater, then there is no need to feel intimidated when you pick up the phone and call our offices.  The owner may not be the one who picks up every time, but we assure you that our team has the years of experience and training needed to help you troubleshoot issues and get a free quote.  We never charge customers who talk to us for quotes because we believe that the key to improving starts with smart decision making for businesses and consumers as well.

For your residential plumbing & commercial plumbing, we know how to do repairs, installations, replacements, and more so there’s no need for any do it yourself fixes.  J Miller Electric also has a full stock of the latest plumbing supplies and fixtures, and can come up with a personalized plan that will fit the decorum and budget of your business or home.  We hope to hear from you soon.